What have we been doing?


Below are some pics of the most recent improvements


water maker with with two ore filters    We still need to replace the membrane, but will wait until we get to Florida to do that    The raw water pressure pump is hooked up and is feeding the wash down hose on the foredeck as well as a hose under the sink and the RO unit.   There is also a raw water faucet in the main sink







The TV is installed and has the Apple TV module with it.  We can stream from wifi or watch movies from the hard drive on the computer.







The next the next big job was to get a mattress that we could sleep on.   So I took the electric knife to the bed we have been sleeping on for the last 20 years!   It has been a great bed and given us great sleeps at home.   Here’s hoping it will serve as well on the boat.



Lots happening getting ready

In the last month or so I have not posted anything but there have been loads of things going on in the background.   The parish gave us enough money to by a RIB with an aluminum bottom.    We will name her “Little Jimmy” as this was one of the names our parish is known by; St. James the Less!   We have a 3.5 2 stroke Mercury that is undergoing some repairs and will be a good motor to start with.   Down the road (coast) I hope to find a 6 hp 2 stroke that might get us up on a plane!

I took our alternator off and found a cracked adjuster support and some mounting issues.   The belt was also the wrong size so I managed to find two the right size.     I also have ordered a spare alternator that was actually the original one specked for the motor.    It is slightly smaller in output but with 400 watts of solar now that will not be a problem.

The water maker is installed now with two stages of filters and pressure seawater feeding it.   Clearly it needs a new membrane but we may wait till Florida to get it, since that seems to be the best price.  It will not really be needed until we cross to the Bahamas so we will leave that expense for now.

I purchased 600 feet of 7/16 double braid to change out the halyards, main sheet and other lines as needed.     I have also a good supply of 3/8 for other running rigging.   Time to practice up on my double braid eye splices.   I did the one for the main halyard this morning.   Took about 45 min!

We have done a number of day sails and I have spent only one night on the boat but all systems seem to be working well as we approach our departure date of Sept 1


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After a very long cold and wet spring with the highest freshet in 100 years, we are in the water and working to make sure all the systems are working.   I have installed a deck wash down system, completed the Bimini install and tweaked a bunch of electrical items.     I discovered that the raw water pump was leaking and have ordered bearings and seals.    It took several hours over two days to find the right part number and then source the original manufacturer part number, which was less than half the price of Volvo Penta.  The engine is an MD 22-L, which comes with two different sea water pumps.    One is belt driven, mine is direct drive from the cam shaft.

Raw water pump Jabsco p/n 29500-1001  Volvo p/n 859824

I found a place to buy the kit.


Let’s hope the right parts arrive!


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It has been a while

No new pics, but we are launched and are working on sorting out all the systems an getting things working correctly.   Right now I have discovered that the raw water pump is leaking at the seals an will have to rebuild it.     Everything else seems to be on track.   The solar power seems to be sufficient and all other systems are a go.    Time to test and stress everything.





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Some Dirty Jobs

At the end of last season the Maserator quit working.    It is always wise to have this item in top working order.   I found a new one at Dykemans with an old price tag on it, so I bought it.   My Son Chris removed the old one and installed the new one.   During the install we noticed that the elbow down to the tank was loose.    It could have been sucking air and that might have been the problem.   We will test the old unit and then do a tear down and rebuild just in case.


Several years ago I built a sump pan that fit under the engine.  It worked well, but not perfect.     It was time for Ver. 2.0

With the pan on the welding bench I brazed a fitting on the bottom at the lowest point.  This will enable me to attach an oil suction hose to emptie the pan with minimum fuss.    I also added a flexible leather extension to the back, as I was suspious that I was not quite getting all the drips!

Two new solar panels installed.  A third one is on order along with the support hardware.    You can also see the new antenna support at the back.



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Saturday with Chris

Reinstalled the Swim platform. Still have the central strut to add but it is great to have had the help to get this beast up into place.


Pulled the heat exchanger core out today to inspect. Looks good. I will give it a cleaning and then reinstall.


Installed the Zink for the prop shaft. I should get 3 months out of this, then I will dive and add another.
Found a nice little oil extraction pump direct from China. I hooked it up to the oil extraction port. This would ll make oil changes so much easier.
Pulled the main battery. Stressed tested, topped up with water and tightened connection points.
Here is the front of the engine where the heat exchanger goes. We have a bunch of stuff to put back together now.

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Swim Row Generate

Here is the swim platform all ready to be reinstalled.  New fasteners and varnish.    Finish is also all done on the dinghy as well.


I got two of these flexible 100 watt panels. The mount directly on the Bimini

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Registration and De licensing

One of the things that you must do if you are going to take a vessel to another country is to establish it in a registry.   To do this there are several steps and some funds to pay.   If you are content to just Boat in Canada you can obtain the pleasure craft license, which is free and requires nothing more than an email and a bit of information about your vessel.     If you want to become foreign going you need to tend to a few things.

  1.   Have the vessel measured for tonnage by a designated marine surveyor.  Kevin Quinn of Bay Pilots did this for me when he also completed my marine survey last fall.   The measurement has nothing to do with weight by rather volume and is historically linked to how much wine a ship could load on as cargo!
  2. I had to write to the vessel licensing people and have my license canceled so that Tevah could be registered.    That took a month or so.
  3. I thought I was ready and sent off $250 to Ottawa.   I got a response that said I also needed proof that the vessel was not also registered in the USA.    I had believed that this was done by the Boat broker, but alas it was not, or atleast the certificate of deletion was not given to me.   So, another cheque and a bundle of papers sent off the the US coast guard, and two months later I got the Deletion certificate!
  4. Finally after another month I got my registration certificate.  Now I just need a warm day to paint the number somewhere inside the hull


Communication, Recreation, and Transportation

I did a couple of welding projects yesterday.   One was to begin an antenna mast for my WIFI antenna and my AIS antenna.    This will be a Short mast on the stern.  Here is the beginning of it.

The other project was to add a plate to the bottom of the swim platform strut.   This will spread the load and be bolted through the transom.

Here is a nice shot of the new dinghy with the paint done and seats installed

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Beginning the new life

Some time in the last year we made the decision to retire on my 60th birthday.  We discussed my dream of sailing south to the Bahamas for the winter.    When it was agreed, the first thing I did was to research and purchase the best possible anchor.   “Will your anchor hold…….”.  Research showed it was the Rocna.   Designed by a Kiwi for use in Antarctica, and made in Canada.   Over the last 6 months there has been lots more research and purchases of the required equipment for our safety and comfort.     You can see much of it if you view this blog and look at the category of repairs and upgrades.    In this last week (Holy Week) I took the final step of commitment by mailing off my request for pension benefits.    This Sunday is the celebration of our new life in Christ.   New life in Christ comes complete with its own anchor as well as an endless supply of everything you will ever need.