When we are traveling  our contact info will change depending on the location.    We both have cell phones and will be changing out our SIM cards depending on where we are.    You can find the current numbers here.  Emails will be valid where ever we are.

Eric’s Skype is ebphinn


eric@phinney.ca or ebphinn@gmail.com

val@phinney.ca  or  valphinney@gmail.com

Phone:  Canada (these Are ported over to our Ooma voip account once we enter the US.

Eric 1 (506) 643-0799

Val  1 (506) 647-8408


Vals Phone is set up now with iVittamobile and is a UK number but it will work in any country.

+44 7410 753435

Eric’s Phone is set up with Verizon prepaid SIM $75 and all the data you want.    Until we cross to the Bahamas and then it will change

1 (207) 951-2476  Eric


As of Dec 20 my phone is now a Bahamas number

1 (242) 473-3702  this will remain in effect until we cross back over to the US    Early March