This past week Danny and I spent the week up river. It was a great time but if we had listened to the weather forecast we never would have gone.
i sailed up to camp medley to pick him up on Monday. Leaving Brandy point at 0600 I arrived at Coytown wharf at about 12:30.

From there we headed up to Ox island as I had never been there before. The next day we headed back down river to make our way to Baked on Foshays, a bakery, on the lake. The idea was to get some baked goods for Canada Day and also to walk yo to Elkes to get some sausage and Jerky. As it turned out they don’t usually bake until Saturday but said if we stayed on their mooring that night our order would be ready at 0900 the next morning.

We left with bread and meat the next morning around 0930 and headed for Douglas Harbour, where we were met by the three sisters and Royce. A very grand time was had on Grand Bar that included a fishing competition between Danny and an Osprey.