We have sailed through Georgia, North and South Carolina and almost through Virginia and I know you have not heard anything from us for about a month. One reason I can give you is there are many places that we are now revisiting and yes we have a few things to add and Eric has been working on his own post so I’ll leave that with him.

We have been sailing up the ICW and semi regularly crossing paths with two different boats. Dancing Lions with Sebastian on it with his dog Shadow and ‘Caroline’ with Bob and Minta on it. As I have said all along it has been interesting, fascinating and even revealing an expanded  history to us as we have sailed up and down the coast, but meeting the different people we have met has made our life richer and fuller and for that I am thankful.

We are only a couple of days until we will arrive in Easton, Maryland. We were there in October where the Finlay’s live. Paul has graciously told us we can tie up to his dock for an extended period and Melinda says she is interested in hearing stories of our travels! Well I’m interested in making her bathtub dirty since this pirate is looking forward to a good long soak. 😬. We will be making plans to leave the boat for about 2 months in Easton. We will take a couple of days to clean the boat and remove any perishable items and then lock her up

Eric has meetings in Calgary and I will fly home. In May we will go to London UK 🇬🇧 for an international Alpha conference and then Eric has a few odd jobs to do. In mid June Eric and Nat (one of our boys) will fly down and bring the boat back.

So as my last post I must say I survived! Sometime I was ready to go home and other times I was thankful for this adventure and once in a lifetime journey with Eric. We’ve met people, rekindled family ties, learned about events and more of each other. In the 8 months no major disagreements but lots of laughs and we are both glad we did. I am sure he would do this trip again but I will not. I have seen this as a great adventure but certainly not my life style. We just met a guy who wanted to do this and took 6 months went to Bahamas and is now returning to his home and wife, now if Eric wanted to do that he has my blessing! 😄 I truly am blessed and now looking forward to seeing what is next for us! Thanks for following us we felt like it was another link to our friends and family and appreciated every comment and encouragement. Val signing off.