It is mid week of week 2 and thought I would add my comments.  The weather has been rough to say the least, it better be worth it at the end! So as Galley Wench I continue to make the Captain happy with the Galley slop and I really think his previous galley wenches couldn’t have been that good.

We left Tenants Harbour and arrived at Pemaquid Harbour, it is a beautiful quaint little Harbor with what looks like a Martello tower but called Fort Frederick /Fort John Henry depending if the French or English were in control. It was a beautiful clear evening when we anchored with the half moon shining gloriously! We were going to go to Portland the next day. Well it was so foggy the next morning that you could hardly see the boat moored next to us. We hoped it would burn off but no go. So we sat there the day but the trade off was Eric was able to buy a few lobsters from a fisherman on the dock. I guess it was a very good trade off!

Tuesday we headed off and man was it rough and wet. I put a very short video up of how my stove moves with the rocking boat. 😬

We both were soaked, cold and glad to finally get into the Portland harbour. We made a trip to Hamilton’s (a BOAT store) and Eric bought a few things and I got a proper raincoat instead of a light rain jacket/windbreaker AND a much longer hook. Maybe no more accidents with the life jacket. We then went out to supper came back to settle in after a long day. Well it was not to be. The roughest sleep and most miserable sleep to date because of the wind and the waves. It was like sleeping down at Market Slip which is a nasty sleep. We are clean, our clothes are clean and we are now anchored on a very calm little anchorage about 15 miles down shore from Portland and then out of Maine! Indeed we had a long cold and wild day today    I know that Eric has filled you in on the miserable sail today. Let’s say it felt like I was getting ready to ride a bucking horse from Saskatchewan!!!!

All is well and looking forward to claiming the promised land that the Captain has been promising. Love to everyone.