Good bye to the last of our “Stuff”
Want a Truck?

The last two weeks have been an incredible blur of activity.    I have said several times that I feel like a horse and a forklift.  There have been great times with some family and friends but I’m afraid there were many more people that we just did not get a chance to see.

The house is empty, the garbage cans full.   We are physically and mentally exhausted      .  It has been a real blessing to be at Mums house the last number of days.   It has been a peaceful place of refuge for sure.

The boat club will be toasting us Friday evening after their corn boil and we will head out to the boat for the night.   Early Saturday morning we will leave mooring and head for the slack at the reversing falls, which are predicted for 08:44. Then it is on to St Andrews for the first Leg of the trip.