At the end of last season the Maserator quit working.    It is always wise to have this item in top working order.   I found a new one at Dykemans with an old price tag on it, so I bought it.   My Son Chris removed the old one and installed the new one.   During the install we noticed that the elbow down to the tank was loose.    It could have been sucking air and that might have been the problem.   We will test the old unit and then do a tear down and rebuild just in case.


Several years ago I built a sump pan that fit under the engine.  It worked well, but not perfect.     It was time for Ver. 2.0

With the pan on the welding bench I brazed a fitting on the bottom at the lowest point.  This will enable me to attach an oil suction hose to emptie the pan with minimum fuss.    I also added a flexible leather extension to the back, as I was suspious that I was not quite getting all the drips!

Two new solar panels installed.  A third one is on order along with the support hardware.    You can also see the new antenna support at the back.