One of the things that you must do if you are going to take a vessel to another country is to establish it in a registry.   To do this there are several steps and some funds to pay.   If you are content to just Boat in Canada you can obtain the pleasure craft license, which is free and requires nothing more than an email and a bit of information about your vessel.     If you want to become foreign going you need to tend to a few things.

  1.   Have the vessel measured for tonnage by a designated marine surveyor.  Kevin Quinn of Bay Pilots did this for me when he also completed my marine survey last fall.   The measurement has nothing to do with weight by rather volume and is historically linked to how much wine a ship could load on as cargo!
  2. I had to write to the vessel licensing people and have my license canceled so that Tevah could be registered.    That took a month or so.
  3. I thought I was ready and sent off $250 to Ottawa.   I got a response that said I also needed proof that the vessel was not also registered in the USA.    I had believed that this was done by the Boat broker, but alas it was not, or atleast the certificate of deletion was not given to me.   So, another cheque and a bundle of papers sent off the the US coast guard, and two months later I got the Deletion certificate!
  4. Finally after another month I got my registration certificate.  Now I just need a warm day to paint the number somewhere inside the hull