I dropped Val at St Joe’s at 7:15 and went to deliver a couple of items to Andrew. Soon it was opening time for SNB to do the renewals. That was a bit of a S&$t show to say the least. We knew we had the option to renew online and that no new picture was required. But I thought (wrongly) that it would be more expedient to just go in and get the licence in person. When I explained to the nice lady that we did not require pictures and could she just process our renewals, she said that we would need new pictures and that Val would also have to come in. Apparently she thought it was a rule, that if you came in regardless of actually not needing a new picture you had to get one because you were there. I relented and said to renew mine and I would have to bring Val from the hospital.

I went down to the picture line after paying $3 because I had a credit from when the crap KIA blew up. After waiting another 15 min the nice man said that I did not require a picture because mine was up to date. Then I asked him just to print out my card and I would be on my way to get Val. He replied that they did not do that anymore. They would be mailed in a couple of weeks from Ontario! ONTARIO!!!!

I asked him is there was any point at all for Val to come to come in. Nope. Our current license has our picture and the bit of paper you print out when you pay online is your temporary license.

This triggered the memory that we all have of going into the MV office and coming out having been chastised for not having a bit of paper or showing up at the wrong time.

I picked Val up and we went back home, printed out her temporary lic and headed west!

First Dog break in Woodstock
Another dog break

After a long day we pulled into Shawn and Natalie Keenan’s in Petawawa Not a bad day for a couple of pensioners.