When we are traveling  our contact info will change depending on the location.    We both have cell phones and will be changing out our SIM cards depending on where we are.    You can find the current numbers here.  Emails will be valid where ever we are.

Eric’s Skype is ebphinn


eric@phinney.ca or ebphinn@gmail.com

val@phinney.ca  or  valphinney@gmail.com

Phone:  Canada (these numbers will be ported over to our Ooma voip account once we enter the US.   We are beginning to porting process now (sept 9)

Eric 1 (506) 643-0799

Val  1 (506) 647-8408

Phone: Voip (Ooma) temporary until our main cell phones are switched

1 (506) 799-4422

US Roam mobility number   This is a service for snowbirds    $50 Canadian per month and includes free calling US wide and free long distant to Canada, unlimited text and 4 Gigs of 4G and unlimited 2G after that.   It shows of work well once we are south of mid coast Maine.

+1 (267) 242-7952   Val



Verizon prepaid SIM $75 and all the data you want

1 (207) 951-2476  Eric