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Beginning the new life

Some time in the last year we made the decision to retire on my 60th birthday.  We discussed my dream of sailing south to the Bahamas for the winter.    When it was agreed, the first thing I did was to research and purchase the best possible anchor.   “Will your anchor hold…….”.  Research showed it was the Rocna.   Designed by a Kiwi for use in Antarctica, and made in Canada.   Over the last 6 months there has been lots more research and purchases of the required equipment for our safety and comfort.     You can see much of it if you view this blog and look at the category of repairs and upgrades.    In this last week (Holy Week) I took the final step of commitment by mailing off my request for pension benefits.    This Sunday is the celebration of our new life in Christ.   New life in Christ comes complete with its own anchor as well as an endless supply of everything you will ever need.


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The Big Picture Sail Plan

At the beginning of September we will leave Saint John and head down the Eastern Seaboard. We will hope to be in Annapolis for the boatshow the middle of October. From there we will head down the ICW beginning in Norfolk once the hurricane season has quieted. Upon arrival in West Palm beach we will wait for a weather window to cross to West End and then proceed south as quickly as reasonable to the Exumas. After the end of Feb we will work our way north and visit the Abacos and then return to Florida and the ICW heading North to home for Summer in Canada.


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